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BratForecast April 21, 2014

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Aries You will be running through green fields this afternoon, and the smell of wildflowers will lightly scent the air while the birds tweet a pleasant melody. Then the cops will catch you.
Taurus You will find love today for only $50.00.
Gemini You will feel like you have been snake bitten once too often by the end of this day.
Cancer I can't enlighten you today. The Boss' dog, Taz, ate your horoscope.
Leo Just because your psychic said you will get lucky tonight. It does not mean you should go out and buy $500 worth of lottery tickets!
Virgo Today is not a good day to seek employment unless you can say, "do you want fries with your order?" in two languages.
Libra Today you will receive a letter from the I.R.S. stating that you have an appointment for an audit. Failure to appear is subject to a bench warrant being issued. You're appointment was last week.
Scorpio You will wish you were burnt at the stake like a witch, rather than have another day like today.
Sagittarius Those stocks and bonds you sold at a loss will reach an all time high today.
Capricorn Not to make you feel bad, but even the boy in the bubble has a life.
Aquarius Your psychic intuition will be sharp today, and the spirits will tell you the winning lottery numbers. Listen closely, because the doctor will be increasing your Thorazine this afternoon.
Pisces Today the election board will contact you wanting to know exactly how many precincts you voted in, in the last election.
Sparrow Tweets:Mon Astro: Frustration could be high today, and we may want to run away from the chaos. Accidents likely. Do not press your luck.
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